Vantage Toyota Knaresborough are going Green for Grey Britain

Our team at Vantage Toyota Knaresborough are gearing up ahead of the unveiling event at RHS Harlow Carr of their exciting ‘Greening Grey Britain’ installation.

The Royal Horticultural Society are calling for people to make a promise to transform their grey spaces into living spaces. Some of the benefits that they highlight in this campaign are reducing flood risks, an improvement in people’s health and wellbeing and providing a source of food for bees and butterflies.

With a massive decline in the British Bumblebee population in the recent years we really do need to look at ways to help protect them. It’s not just our honey supply that will be threatened, as bees are such fantastic pollinators, the decline could affect a lot more of our food chain. We can help by planting high pollen and nectar plants in our gardens. Needing a space for your vehicle to park shouldn’t have to prevent this, RHS Harlow Carr are showcasing ways that you can have the best of both worlds and we are extremely happy to be involved in their important campaign.

Another benefit that RHS Harlow Carr are keen to promote is a reduction in flooding risks. RHS-commissioned polls in both 2005 and 2015 reveal that, compared to ten years ago, we now have three times as many paved over front gardens. Whilst grassy gardens soak up rain; paving, tarmac and concrete are less absorptive and the quantity of rainwater running off the area can increase by up to 50%. This rainwater needs somewhere to go and we have seen some awful flooding incidents in recent years.

We are proud to have dedicated a car to stand in permanent placement as part of their installation, helping RHS Harlow Carr give a great example of how people can brighten up their gardens.

In the interest of encouraging people to embrace a greener way of life we will be at the unveiling day showcasing some of our hybrid Toyota vehicles. We will be at Harlow Carr later in March to explain how hybrid vehicles work and see if we can create some more hybrid fans.

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