Vantage Toyota Knaresborough welcome their new General Manager, Alan Sedman

Vantage Toyota Knaresborough are excited to introduce their new General Manager, Alan Sedman, who joined the team at the start of June. 

Alan joined the car industry 39 years ago after developing a real interest in cars and how they work as a child. He began his career straight from school, becoming an Apprentice Technician in 1977; working for Austin Rover, Jaguar, MG, Triumph and Land Rover throughout the first years of his career. His dedication and passion to succeed have allowed him to work his way through the ranks to become a General Manager - something that he is really proud of. Alan is pretty unique in the fact that he has not only worked as a Technician and a General Manager, but has also been a Service Advisor, Parts Advisor, Sales Executive, Sales Manager... all in 39 years! Pretty impressive, huh?

Alan has now worked for Toyota for 15 years and is excited to be joining Vantage Toyota in his first General Manager role. Alan has an appreciation for great engineering, quality and reliability; he believes that Toyota is a brand that delivers all of these things. This allows him to come into work every day with a great passion and belief for the products that he and his team work with every day and this is why he loves to work for Toyota. 

When we asked Alan which Toyota was his favourite, he found it really difficult to choose because he had a lot of great things to say about all Toyota vehicles past and present. He came to the conclusion that the Toyota Celica GT4 is one of the best Toyota vehicles he has ever driven because it is a stunning vehicle and great fun to drive. Alan does however now drive the Toyota Prius which he agrees is a completely different Toyota but is nonetheless a vehicle he is extremely impressed with and loves driving, especially at the weekend!

In his spare time (which he doesn't seem to have a lot of!), Alan really enjoys to spend time in the garden or outdoors. He loves to spend time with his family and going out on exciting days out with his TVR Chimaera in tow!

We're really happy to welcome Alan to the Vantage family and know he will love working with the team at Toyota Knaresborough!


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